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      Sample major medical individual health insurance plans

      In Broward County. (Assuming Annual Household income of $60,000 and applicant age of 36)

      Every individual is different. Please contact us at 855-711-0412 for more precise quotes as well as advice on any of the following plans and their comprehensive benefits and carriers. We also have family plans, short term health insurance, GAP health insurance plans, and other products available.

      PLANCompanyPremiumDeductibleMaximum annual spendOut of pocket maximumCoinsurance
      Ambetter Essential Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$317 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,703$11,703Not applicable
      myBlue Bronze 1602Florida Blue$331 /mo$7,900 /yr$11,872$7,900Not applicable
      Molina Marketplace BronzeMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$356 /mo$6,400 /yr$12,176$7,900Not applicable
      myBlue Bronze 1711SFlorida Blue$357 /mo
      $6,650 /yr$12,182$7,90Not applicable
      myBlue Bronze 1601Florida Blue$364 /mo$6,700 /yr$12,265$7,900Not applicable

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      BlueSelect Bronze 1452Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$397 /mo$7,900 /yr$12,667$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Bronze (HSA) 1735Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$418 /mo$6,000 /yr$11,020$6,000Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 11 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$419 /mo$6,000 /yr$12,933$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Bronze 1737SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$420 /mo$6,650 /yr$12,943$7,900Not applicable

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      BlueSelect Bronze 1449Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$426 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,015$7,900Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 5 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$426 /mo$7,350 /yr$12,468$7,350Not applicable
      myBlue Silver 1604Florida Blue$427 /mo$7,300 /yr$13,022$7,900Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 4 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$442 /mo$7,050 /yr$12,354$7,050Not applicable
      Ambetter Secure Care 3 (2019) with 3 Free PCP VisitsCeltic Insurance Company$454 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,802$6,350Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$455 /mo$6,500 /yr$11,963$6,500Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$459 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,012$6,500Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$460 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,021$6,500Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$464 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,071$6,500Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 2 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$469 /mo$6,500 /yr$12,130$6,500Not applicable
      myBlue Gold 1605Florida Blue$473 /mo$940 /yr$10,375$4,700Not applicable
      myBlue Silver 1603Florida Blue$473 /mo$5,950 /yr$12,831$7,150Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 1 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$474 /mo$5,500 /yr$12,190$6,500Not applicable
      myBlue Silver 1712SFlorida Blue$486 /mo$3,500 /yr$13,730$7,900Not applicable
      myBlue Silver 1710Florida Blue$490 /mo$6,200 /yr$13,330$7,450Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019)Celtic Insurance Company$491 /mo$3,000 /y$12,648$6,750Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + VisionCeltic Insurance Company$496 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,701$6,750Not applicable
      Ambetter Balanced Care 3 (2019) + Vision + Adult DentalCeltic Insurance Company$506 /mo$3,000 /yr$12,828$6,750Not applicable
      BlueSelect Silver 1443Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$509 /mo$6,000 /yr$14,009$7,900Not applicable
      Molina Marketplace SilverMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$530 /mo$5,350 /yr$14,265$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Silver 1456Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$548 /mo$5,950 /yr$13,730$7,150Not applicable
      BlueOptions Bronze 1419Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$558 /mo$7,900 /yr$14,599$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Silver 1736SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$559 /mo$3,500 /yr$14,610$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Gold 1835Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$560 /mo$2,000 /yr$12,224$5,500Not applicable
      BlueSelect Silver 1464Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$574 /mo$5,650 /yr$13,885$7,000Not applicable
      Molina Marketplace GoldMolina Healthcare of Florida, Inc$588 /mo$2,925 /yr$12,062$5,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Bronze (HSA) 1705Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$589 /mo$6,000 /yr$13,065$6,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Bronze 1707SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$591 /mo$6,650 /yr$14,990$7,900Not applicable
      BlueSelect Gold 1535Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$594 /mo$0 /yr$12,131$5,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Bronze 1416Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$600 /mo$6,200 /yr$15,100$7,900Not applicabl
      BlueSelect Platinum 1451Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$685 /mo$1,000 /yr$11,718$3,500Not applicable
      BlueSelect Platinum 1457Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$726 /mo$0 /yr$10,714$2,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Silver 1410Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$816 /mo$6,000 /yr$17,686$7,900Not applicable
      BlueOptions Gold 1805Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$848 /mo$2,000 /yr$15,672$5,500Not applicable
      BlueOptions Silver 1423Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$882 /mo$5,950 /yr$17,728$7,150Not applicable
      BlueOptions Gold 1505Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$886 /mo$0 /yr$15,630$5,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Silver 1706SBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$897 /mo$3,500 /yr$18,665$7,900Not applicable
      BlueOptions Silver 1431Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$908 /mo$5,650 /yr$17,901$7,000Not applicable
      BlueOptions Platinum 1418Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,091 /mo$1,000 /yr$16,587$3,500Not applicable
      BlueOptions Platinum 1424Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida$1,146 /mo$0 /yr$15,758$2,000Not applicable
      In 2021, the average cost of health insurance is $571 per month for a 40-year-old. This is a decrease of 2% from 2020 when the monthly cost was $584. Ambetter & Florida Blue currently offer the best rates in most counties in Florida. Shoppers may begin by looking at the Ambetter Balanced Care 29 (2021) plan or myBlue Bronze.
      Best Overall in Florida: Aetna

      Cheapest Health Insurance in Florida: Florida Blue, Ambetter & Cigna

      Best for Fixed-Incomes: Florida Blue

      Best for Prescription Coverage: Cigna

      Best Network: Aetna, Cigna, Florida Blue

      Remember, premiums are not the only cost component when it comes to your health care. Out-of-pocket costs in the form of deductibles, copays and coinsurance are just as important to compare when you shop. The best cheap health insurance plan for you and your family will depend on your income level and expected health care needs.

      Silver Plans are a good middle ground between premiums you are guaranteed to pay and cost-sharing responsibilities that you will incur if you have any medical expenses.
      Florida Blue is a sub-division of Blue Cross, a well-known national health care provider. Florida Blue offers PPO plans, which provide you with the most freedom to choose your doctors and health care service providers.

      This can be quite useful if you have a chronic condition or longstanding relationship with a physician and you don’t want to start out treatment with a new doctor.

      Florida Blue gives subsidiaries to aid you in reducing the cost of health care if you’re living on a fixed income. Florida Blue’s ACA-compliant healthplans also incorporate free preventive care like physicals, vaccines and mammograms.

      Florida Blue also improved virtual health access for its members, responding to COVID-19. The insurer added no-cost usage of Teladoc for its Medicare Advantage members and waived all copays for all its Affordable Care Act members and many employer group health plan members. Florida Blue Teladoc gives 24/7 virtual health care via phone, video or mobile app for non-emergency medical concerns.

      Call & Apply for Florida Blue (BCBS) phone number : (855) 711-0412
      Cigna individual health insurance plans are just some of the cheapest ones that consumers may find on state exchanges throughout all age groups when in comparison with similar policies from competitors. Cigna presently provides four tiers of individual coverage that vary in cost, deductibles and coinsurance benefits.

      Cigna’s health care insurance options are cost-effective and will include all ACA-compliant benefits. Four out of 5 people who select a Cigna plan are eligible for some sort of federal subsidy to lower their premium.

      Cigna health plans incorporate free preventive care you’ll pay little or nothing for medically necessary vaccinations, health screenings and even some preventive prescription drugs.

      You also receive incentivized special discounts on gym memberships, health clubs etc to assist you in maintaining your health.

      Cigna can offer really Cheap individual health insurance along with Large variety of provider network choices, however their customer service can be improved.

      Call & Apply for Cigna Florida phone number : (855) 711-0412
      Ambetter Health Insurance is a health plan service provider which offers health insurance products to different insurance companies who then simply sell the plans on state marketplaces. Ambetter insurance policies have some of the most affordable & cheapest rates available when compared to other health insurance plans.

      Health insurance plans from Ambetter work best if you prefer basic coverage and member benefits at a cost-effective monthly premium. Nevertheless, the company has subpar reviews and there are better options if you want to be considered for coverage & want great customer service.

      Ambetter also experienced an NAIC complaint ratio of 1.12 meaning this insurance company has brought in more than the median number of consumers’ grievances based on its size. In Florida, Ambetter plans are marketed as Ambetter by Sunshine Health but are managed and underwritten by CeltiCare Insurance.

      Call & Apply for Ambetter from Sunshine Health Florida phone number : (855) 711-0412
      Bright Health provides sensible, simple and affordable health insurance that links you to top physicians and exceptional care in-person, online and on-the-go. They work with exclusive care partners to create an inexpensive health plan.

      Overall, their health insurance plans are good and your doctors can work along to help you attain better health.

      However, currently they seem to have some bad user reviews. Like one user review says: I feel utterly deceived. I was told multiple times that my insurance was accepted at my OBGYN, they switched from Novant to HMG but said they were taking my insurance because of this. Bright Health covered nothing. $0 of my appointment. Next, I went in network and 2 months later during Covid 19 I receive a letter that has them covering 1/4 of the bill in network. The only reason I went was because it was covered.

      Call & Apply for Bright Health Florida phone number : (855) 711-0412
      Ambetter and Florida blue are best options for Florida health insurance.

      User review - "More doctors will accept Florida blue but I’ve had both and Ambetter was fine. Just check to make sure your doctor and pharmacy accept the specific plan. Personally we just went with the cheapest silver plan our dr accepted (Florida blue silver select, no deductible, reasonable out of pocket maximum."

      Florida Blue (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of FL) - They have about 43 policies, but many of the plans are either HMO (BlueCare Network) or are with their limited PPO Network known as the BlueSelect network. The only really good network is their National BlueOptions PPO Network. Unfortunately, since they have so many available policies, they are higher priced on their BlueOptions policies, because of better network coverage.
      Service on CIGNA vs Aetna - generally is a game of who gives better service experience and it depends a lot on which group of humans happen to serve your employer’s account, regardless which organization’s business card they carry.

      A consumers's review - "I would assert that if top-of-the-line IT systems support of your health coverage is a concern, well, you should be more concerned with Cigna than with the others. This is my highly subjective professional experience, not founded on any objective, dispassionate system audit. "

      "I’ve had Aetna, United Healthcare, and Cigna. My Cigna plan was by far the best plan out of those three. Although that may be because the employer who had the Cigna plan had a really good Cigna plan. They had cheaper premiums and covered more."

      "There are a couple of things I don’t like about Cigna. Firstly, if you’re going to get something major done (like surgery), they want the doctor/clinic to send in paperwork on exactly what’s going to get done and then Cigna needs to approve the procedure before it’s done. This may be par for the course though. I never did that with Aetna or UH.

      Secondly, appeal appeal appeal. Cigna is one of those companies that will mark a doctor out of network even though they’re listed on their site as in network. They have also initially denied coverage of medical procedures but after appealing, change their minds. "
      Ambetter also gives protection to individuals who don’t qualify for traditional plans while Cigna is positioned as one of the largest and oldest insurance institutions in the country. For Ambetter, Despite the fact that premiums are low for a bronze plan, the out-of-pocket expenses can be quite high. You have more coverage with the Ambetter Balanced Care plan and even more coverage with the Ambetter Secure Care plan, which has larger monthly payments and low out-of-pocket expenses. Cigna’s plans may be better in terms of out-of-pocket expenses.
      Some experts believe that if you have pre-existing conditions, either one is good. If you are going through marketplace ( ACA/Obamacare ) and they’re offering Florida Blue/BCBS/Cigna plans with a subsidy (discount based on income), then perhaps choose according to your budget.

      If you have no pre-existing and going to get individual or a family plan as well as being relatively healthy, then neither. There might be other options that are significantly better, depending on your case.

      It might be a good idea to have a look at alternatives to ACA compliant plans, short term health insurance plans etc. Some of those plans might provide very similar coverage , yet at low monthly premiums.

      We suggest this because those ACA-compliant plans on exchanges are really meant for people that are sick and visit the hospital a lot. They’re going to be mixing you in with people that have pre-existing or people that go to the hospital a lot. In turn it will cause your rates and deductible to be high. This is known as a sick policy.

      When compared to plans found on the exchange they accept everyone. However some companies avoid claims by post-underwriting claims. Now not all insurance companies and plans are perfect.

      You need to be on a healthy policy which would require underwriting however if you have no pre-existing and are relatively healthy there shouldn’t be a problem getting qualified. Plus premiums are reduced since you are grouped with healthy people only which implies less risk and the coverage is generally substantial.
      Humana has 2 HMO plans and 4 POS/PPO Plans available. They do have plans that have National Provider Networks called the National/POS Network while Cigna Health has gone to five new plans and they are all known as EPO’s, but these EPO plans ALL have No Out of Network benefits. As far as these plans go we would call them all HMO’s because they have no out of network benefits.
      Consumer reviews seem to be mixed regarding which is better. Some people say Humana edges out BCBS for one reason: in some states (most notably Florida) Blue Cross Blue Shield does not allow copays for brand name prescription drugs only generics. This makes Humana ahead in the category of health plan, while other consumers believe that Florida Blue has a better customer service and Humana has tendency to deny everything at the onset. However, they are constantly improving.
      According to consumers, Bright Health’s network is super restricted and Customer service is not as good as competitors. This makes both Cigna & Aetna ahead of Bright Health in terms of network. However, this may change in future.

      One consumer says- "They have zero negotiated rates with providers until you hit your deductible. They list all hospital based primary care doctors, but none of them have openings for new patients. Oscar and Aetna both covered labs from Quest 100%, pre-deductible. I got a bill this year for $700 from Quest and Bright told me, Sorry but I don’t know what else I need to say, we don’t pay anything until you hit your deductible."
      Humana vs WellCare are popular Medicare insurance providers in Florida.

      The available products, benefits, and premiums vary between Humana & WellCare. For Wellcare, we can help you with Medicare insurance. For Humana, you should compare different plans and premiums for Medicare, small group, dental, and vision plans.
      Currently, Cigna, Humana & Florida Blue seem to offer best Best EPO insurance plans in Florida.

      Call (855) 711-0412 to apply for Cigna & Florida Blue.
      Currently, Cigna, Aetna & United HealthCare Blue seem to offer best Best PPO insurance plans in Florida. Some Cigna plans happen to be the best PPO plans out of those three, along with cheaper premiums and more coverage. Call (855) 711-0412 to apply for Cigna, Aetna & UHC.
      Cigna & Aetna seem to offer best indemnity health insurance plans in Florida and you may see whatever doctors or specialists you like, with no referrals required. Though you may choose to get the majority of your basic care from a single doctor, your insurance company will not require you to choose a primary care physician. Other carriers worth considering are LifeShield, Aspen STM, SGIC etc. who might have cheaper plans that Cigna & Aetna.

      Call (855) 711-0412 to apply !
      Currently, Florida Blue & Cigna seem to offer the best coronavirus coverage related health insurance plans. Call (855) 711-0412 for more expert custom advice.

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